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In our society, nearly 80% of the population will experience or is experiencing reoccurring episodes of back pain, with chronic neck pain occuring nearly half as often.  That is an astonishing number of people.  In many cases, as a result of trauma, family history, lifestyle and occupational stress, the neck and back pain evolves into persistent, recurring pain that can become debilitating on a day to day basis.  Treatment methods range from chiropractic care, prescriptions, physical therapy, epidurals, trigger point and facet joint injections, and can ultimately lead to surgical intervention.  For those patients who have exhausted these avialable treatments with limited success, there is manipulation under anesthesia.  This treatmnet is not a last resort, but the best option when all else fails.

This procedure directly confronts the cause of chronic joint and muscle pain by allowing for the restoration of ranges of motion (with manipulation) while at the same time reducing adhesions (with stretching and joint mobilization).  In chronic pain cases, these two methods used separately are generally not effective, but when performed together they result in increased motion, increased function, and decreased pain.

How does MUA work?  By combining twilight sedation (from new advances in anesthesia) that removes the guarding response that we all have with the clinically proven manipulative and stretching technique in MUA, these two procedures once used independently are now combined with fantastic results.  


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