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Having been certified in MUA, Dr. Rae was taught that selecting the proper patient is the first step to successful treatment.  The majority of patients have already undergone chiropractic care, physical therapy, medication options and even epidurals, joint injections, or surgery with limited or no improvement at all.

Although there are many conditions which MUA will benefit, the most common ones include chronic and herniated disc problems, fibrotic joint encapsulation, chronic myofascitis, failed back surgeries, fibromyalgia, chronic torticollis and pain syndromes due to injuries or those that have occurred over time.  Patients who have received other forms of therapy with minimal results are ideal candidates for MUA.

Once conservative care treatment programs have been found to have limited or no success, this procedure has been shown to be a very effective non-invasive alternative.  Prior to this procedure, we have established protocols of diagnostic testing should document the exact diagnosis, support patient need for treatment and, if necessary, provide confirmation regarding any contraindications for this procedure.  X-ray studies, MRI or CT scans, nerve conduction studies and laboratory analysis can be ordered to document the necessity for the procedure.

Not all patients are candidates for MUA due to conditions that are not conducive to manipulation.  These include, but are not limited to: osteoporosis, cancer, uncontrolled hypertension, previous stroke, and advanced age.


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