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Here you will find many clinical studies that show the effectiveness of manipulation under anesthesia as well as a link for further information.

The Spine Journal, 2002

Medication-assisted Spinal Manipulation
Frank Kohlbeck, DC and Scott Haldeman, DC, MD, PhD

"Medicine-assisted spinal manipulation therapies have a relatively long history of clinical use and have been reported in the literature for over 70 years.  If a clinician recommends MUA, it would be difficult to deny the use of medication-assisted manipulation or fail to reimburse for it."

Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, September 2005

Manipulation Under Anesthesia: A Report of Four Cases
Edward Cremata, DC, Stephen Collins, DC, William Clauson, MD, Alan B. Solinger, PhD, and Edward S. Roberts, DC

The objective of this study was "to report the results of manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) for 4 patients with chronic spinal, sacroiliac, and/or pelvic and low back pain." (p. 532, Conclusions)

"The 4 patients presented in this series initially failed to show lasting improvement from a trial of typical chiropractic management and conservative medical care; however, they improved with MUA.  Manipulation under anesthesia may be an effective option for patients with chronic pain who have not adequately improved  with in-office chiropractic or other adjunctive approaches." (p. 532, Conclusions)

American Academy of Manual and Physical Medicine, 2005

An Overview of Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)
Robert S. Francis, DC

"Bradford and Siehl reported on 723 MUA patients the largest trial conducted on MUA procedures, and found that 71% had good results (normal activity, relatively symptom free) and that 25.3% had fair results (improvement, return to relatively normal activity with some residual symptoms) and that flexibility, elasticity, and range of motion can be restored to patients with chronic back pain."

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