shoulder_pain.jpgWhen your shoulder is stiff and tight, you come to realize how much you depend on it to perform day to day activities. There are several shoulder problems from which you may be suffering, and Dr. Rae can evaluate and diagnose the exact condition that is affecting you. Some of the most common shoulder injuries include:

Neurologic referred pain can radiate down into the shoulders from nerve roots that are inflamed, which is generally due to trauma to your neck. "Referred" pain is most often described as a dull ache that progressivley gets worse.

Bursitis and tendonitis is caused by overusing your shoulder, which is done by doing the same motion day in and day out (throwing, reaching, lifting, etc.).  Overuse may inflame the bursa and/or tendons of your shoulder. The mobility in your shoulder will become limited due to the pain that occurs during shoulder movement.

Degenerative joint disease is part of the aging. This occurs due to normal wear and tear that damages the bones, cartilage, and bursa in your shoulder. The pain gradually gets worse as the bone surfaces rub together because there is no cartilage left in the joint.

Rotator cuff injuries occur when one or more of the four rotator cuff tendons/muscles that hold your arm in place become inflamed or tears. This injury is very painful and shoulder movement becomes very limited.

Frozen shoulder occurs when you under-use your shoulder. This can lead to adhesions within the joint that limit shoulder movement until is "freezes".  Recent research has shown the quickest and most effective form of treatment for frozen shoulder is Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)


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