foot_pain.jpgWhether you run, dance, jump, or walk the repeated multidirectional motions common in exercise and sports puts added stress on your feet.  The wrong shoes or overused muscles can also contribute to an injury.  Your feet are only able to withstand motion and pressure with the help of proper shoes.  When your feet bear weight your arches flattens, which stretches the plantar fascia.  Repeated stretching of the plantar fascia can inflame or tear the fascia causing plantar fasciitis.  

Continued up and down motions put a lot of stress on the feet and that stress is centralized on the ball of the foot instead of spread out over the entire foot. The tendons and muscles of the foot are not able to withstand the extra stress coming up through the bones, which leads to fractures or tendon injuries in the foot, ankle, and calf.  

Sudden sideway movements cause your heel is thrown off balance.  This occurs because the joints are forced beyond their normal range of motion and  ligaments and joints become injured.


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